Sucker Free

An actionable program for anybody who is tired of being afraid

Sucker Free is an actionable program to build the skills to fight anybody, and to stop being afraid.

After almost 20 years of trial and error in different sports and training programs, I have identified the fastest and most efficient path to becoming truly “bully-proof.”

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For just $3.99, take the first step to stop being afraid.

This book is an introduction to the most effective self-defense principles for people who are starting from square one. Zero experience. Zero knockouts. Zero idea where to begin. If you follow this program, you will never worry about being bullied again. This book is NOT for you if you were the starting linebacker on your high school football team. This book is NOT for you if you have competed in combat sports. This book is for you if you’re facing a prison sentence, and you’re scared. This book is for you if you walk out of your way to avoid that guy or that group in the neighborhood. This book is for you if you are ready to leave that mentality behind forever. Whether this book is for you or not, it is at least for my son. Even if he weren’t a half-gringo growing up in Peru, I consider the skills taught in this program to be as important as reading and writing. Especially for young boys, being able to defend oneself is crucial in building self-confidence, emotional health and maturity. In addition to my son, this book is for myself at 11 years old.


Are you facing prison and nervous about your prospects?

Fear no unarmed man every again.

Or are you tired of walking out of your way to avoid the neighborhood bullies beating you up?

With the training in this book, your body language will make them look away.

Are you a father whose son faces these situations?

I wrote this book for you.